Author: Shimmy LaRoux

Holy Moly and Happy New Year: Reflections on 2020

Y’all…. we made it…. WOW……2020 was a DAMN YEAR. From the pandemic, to fascists in the government to Black and Brown people standing up and saying “IT’S ENOUGH!” 2020 was a year where we all had to stop and reassess who we are, what we stand for and what we want. This is doubly true […]

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Yes, this is a 2019 year-in-review post!

There’s about a week left in the year and it’s a great time to take a look back and celebrate all of the successes of the year. Normally, I would put something here about not trying to brag and being modest about what has happened in the last 358 days…..but screw that! This has been […]

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2018 Year End Review….and some 2019 plans

We made it! Y’all….2018 was really rough. From political strife (both in the burlesque community to the larger world), to a seemingly never ending stream of fuckery to a general sense of “oh my GAWD, when will this end?!?!?”, this year has taken its toll. However…there were some good things about this year and it’s […]

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Black History Month special!

This month I am offering 20% off 1 hour private consultations! That’s a savings of $20 from the regular price of $100. Fill out the contact form to get started!

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Give the gift of Shimmy!

I’m finishing up 2017 with a bang and would love to see you at one of these shows this month. Let’s celebrate together! #Chicago #shimmylaroux #shimmyontheroad #burlesque #blackburlesque #nightlife #chicagonightlife #naturalhair #shimmyallover #sassyclassybutneverashy #shimmyathome #blackisbeautiful #bootymeat #christmas #holiday #winter #hireme via Instagram

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