Yes, this is a 2019 year-in-review post!

There’s about a week left in the year and it’s a great time to take a look back and celebrate all of the successes of the year. Normally, I would put something here about not trying to brag and being modest about what has happened in the last 358 days…..but screw that! This has been […]

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2018 Year End Review….and some 2019 plans

We made it! Y’all….2018 was really rough. From political strife (both in the burlesque community to the larger world), to a seemingly never ending stream of fuckery to a general sense of “oh my GAWD, when will this end?!?!?”, this year has taken its toll. However…there were some good things about this year and it’s […]

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Black History Month special!

This month I am offering 20% off 1 hour private consultations! That’s a savings of $20 from the regular price of $100. Fill out the contact form to get started!

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Give the gift of Shimmy!

I’m finishing up 2017 with a bang and would love to see you at one of these shows this month. Let’s celebrate together! #Chicago #shimmylaroux #shimmyontheroad #burlesque #blackburlesque #nightlife #chicagonightlife #naturalhair #shimmyallover #sassyclassybutneverashy #shimmyathome #blackisbeautiful #bootymeat #christmas #holiday #winter #hireme via Instagram

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#30creativedays – day 1

Alright everyone, day 1 of #30creativedays is here!! I’m so excited to see what you all are working on and how you will spark your creativity! If you are stuck for what to do, I’ve included a prompt to help out. Let’s check back in tonight! UPDATE: WOW – I had no idea that just […]

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