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30 days of creativity!

The end of the year tends to be a time for reflection and preparation. For me, it’s also a time to get yourself in gear. 2018 will soon be here and it’s time to figure out how you get to the next level. Y’all….it’s time to get creative. Goal setting requires creativity. It requires getting […]

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Looking closely

If you look closely, you can see so many parts of my life. #Chicago #shimmylaroux #burlesque #blackburlesque #shimmyathome #shimmyallover #sassyclassybutneverashy #vintage #decanter #servingcart #fans #midcenturymodern via Instagram

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#nosetotherhinestone….a group update

I’ve been slacking with my #nosetotherhinestone updates, so here is a quick list: Day 5: 3/13 Massage Day 6: 3/14 Seeing Hedwig Day 7: 3/15 Performance at Rouge Day 8: 3/16 Pinterest like a boss for both Lyra moves and for costume ideas for an upcoming act Day 9: 3/17 Watching burlesque videos for good […]

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#nosetotherhinestone day 2 and 3

Day 2: Jeezy’s Juke Joint. I’ll talk about this in a separate post later, but HOLY BATMAN THIS SHOW IS THE BEST THING EVER. Day 3: More Juke Joint, continuing to update my website (this is taking forever to get it the way I want), mapping out ways to blend product management and burlesque, applying […]

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New season, new look

I have to admit something – I’ve been a hypocrite. I’ve taught classes on branding, marketing and analytics for over a year and have done little to nothing to bolster my own site. In my day job, I tell clients all the time that you can’t complain about things not working when you haven’t done any effort […]

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