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After 13 years in Advertising and Product Development and 5 years as a traveling performer, I’m excited to share my knowledge and passion for teaching with you! Classes are offered in 3 formats: on demand, semi private and private. Each class offers a wealth of information with more targeted and practical application with the semi private and private format.

Visit my store to purchase your class and let’s get to the business of performance!

This course will focus on building a digital strategy with your website as the focus. We’ll also learn about SEO, digital analytics how to create an authentic digital narrative and how best to package yourself. We’ll also review reaching out to producers.

Startups and artists have a lot in common: finding and speaking to the right audience, putting the right product out and using feedback to help shape the next creation. This course will discuss the concept of the Minimal Stage Ready Product (MSP) as a way to quickly get ideas on stage, get feedback and refine from there. 

In this part lecture/part movement workshop we will explore the art of stillness, building tension on stage and making your audience sit in the palm of your hand. Students will explore ways to work through nervousness moving on stage, embrace being the sole focus in the room and take inspiration from multiple disciplines as we tell both ourselves and the audience…’re welcome.

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