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Showgirl – Cakes by the Ocean – Miss Burlesque World 2022

Bringing a new twist to a mermaid show, here's what happens when you discover you not just have legs, but a little more!

This act is also the winner of Miss Burlesque World 2022!

Keywords: Showgirl, pop culture, water show, assels, tassels, floorwork, mermaid show

Showgirl – Sweet Sugar

Pour a little sugar and get a little sweet with this juicy twist!

Keywords:  Sugar show, floorwork, fans

A fun and funky crowd-pleaser with a few surprises!

Keywords: Fringe, funk, shimmy, neo-burlesque

Love Rears its Ugly Head – 2019 Dublin Burlesque Festival

Enjoy classic burlesque with a twist! Find yourself consumed by the fires of love and you won't know what to do...when it comes to get you.

Keywords: Classic, shimmies, unique reveal, boa, tassel twirling

The slowest of slow burns, Shimmy enjoys a bit of self love

Keywords: classic, slow burn, boa

Padee – 2020 MIss Burlesque North America

A frothy, classic delight! Padee also won Shimmy the title of Miss Burlesque North America 2020

Keywords: Classic, boa, unique reveal, stylized costume, shimmy belt

Lil’ Darlin – 2019 Burlesque Hall of Fame

This slow burn promises that no matter what happens, Shimmy will never love anyone the way she loves you.

Keywords: Neo, slow burn, stillness, floorwork, unique reveal

Let me see that thoooooong! Shimmy lets it all out for the 99 and the 2000s with her tribute to Sisqo.

Keywords: Neo, unique reveal, pop culture, 90s, 2000s, cosplay

Take a 60s riff, add a ton of fringe and sprinkle a little have the makings of a exciting and crowd pleasing act!

Keywords: 60s, comedy, shimmy, tassel twirling, tassel tricks

Blame it on my juice baby! Shimmy brings a little bit of drag flavor with her version of Juice.

Keywords: Neo, comedy, drag, unique costume, sass

This dark, feathered goddess is not only ready for your worship, she's also here to steal your heart.

Keywords: Neo, fetish, dark

Get down and boogie with this upbeat and energetic fan dance! With spins, fringe and turbo fans you'll want to move to the beat!

Keywords: Classic, disco, fans, tassel twirling

Live Band Burlesque – House of Blues

One of my favorite things to do is to dance to live music! I'm incredibly fortunate to be able to dance with some amazing artists at the House of Blues in Chicago!

Keywords: Live Band, improv, blues, classic, crowd work

Trained Face – Virtual Burlesque Hall of Fame 2020

For BHoF 2020, we went virtual, and this is what happens when you don't have a stage...but have a lot to say!

Keywords:  classic, virtual, face

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