Current acts are available below. For acts out of rotation or for a custom act, please contact me!

Got to be Real

Get down and boogie with this upbeat and energetic fan dance! With spins, fringe and turbo fans you'll want to move to the beat!

Heaven Knows

There is a camera set up in the room for a slow, sexy striptease, but you may not be prepared to see just who is doing the performing!


This dark, feathered goddess is not only ready for your worship, she's also here to steal your heart.

Lil' Darlin'

This slow burn promises that no matter what happens, Shimmy will never love anyone the way she loves you.

Love Rears its Ugly Head

Enjoy classic burlesque with a twist! Find yourself consumed by the fires of love and you won't know what to do...when it comes to get you.

Shimmy Shimmy

Take a 60s riff, add a ton of fringe and sprinkle a little have the makings of a exciting and crowd pleasing act!

Under the Booty

Ariel might be happy about getting legs, but you should see how excited she is about something a bit higher up!

Live Band Burlesque

One of my favorite things to do is to dance to live music! I'm incredibly fortunate to be able to dance with some amazing artists at the House of Blues in Chicago!

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