#nosetotherhinestone….a group update

I’ve been slacking with my #nosetotherhinestone updates, so here is a quick list:
Day 5: 3/13 Massage
Day 6: 3/14 Seeing Hedwig
Day 7: 3/15 Performance at Rouge
Day 8: 3/16 Pinterest like a boss for both Lyra moves and for costume ideas for an upcoming act
Day 9: 3/17 Watching burlesque videos for good foot practices
Day 10: 3/18 Performance at Ashley Morgan Presents
Day 11: 3/19 Lyra class, bought supplies for costume update
Day 12: 3/20 Rehearsal with Dahlia/Camille

I’m finding it difficult to remember to write down what I did for the day. It’s almost tedious to sit and reflect on the granularity of what I did day by day. However, the more I think about it the more I think that’s the point. You’re SUPPOSED to go back and critically look at what you’ve done and it’s impact. On one hand it’s a good way to keep yourself accountable and on the other, it’s a great way to be proud of the work you have done.

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