#nosetotherhinestone day 1

This year I’m once again kicking off my 30 days of #nosetotherhinestone? What exactly IS that you ask? Nose to the Rhinestone is the creation of Bazooka Joe (not only is he INCREDIBLY talented as a performer and producer, he’s also maybe one of the nicest people in BUrlesque) as a way to focus on “doing the work” and being accountable.

For 30 days, each person that takes on the challenge pledges to work for at least 30 minutes on some part of being a performer (choreo, costuming, marketing, idea creation, research, etc.) and puts out what was done using the hashtag #nosetotherhinestone.

Today starts my day 1 and I’m doing the following things to further my craft:

  1. Reach out to an amazing designer to start getting logos created (shout out to Doll Bambino!).
  2. Clean up website (including using a new WP template)
  3. Sign up for MailChimp (newsletters are the newest old thing)
  4. Research neon elastic for a revamp of an act
  5. Blog – social media is fleeting, so this is a more permanent way to keep my thoughts

On to day 2!

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