1. Introducing the Slow Burn

Hi! I talk about burlesque and burly-related things all the time, so why not put it all in one place? Welcome to the Slow Burn!

2. More about being a traveling performer

Check out my 3 part series on TikTok where I let you know it’s totally possible to travel as a performer without it breaking the bank. Today’s podcast is a continuation of that conversation. 

3. The power of rest

Taking 10 days off from shows taught me a lot about the power of rest. I talk about rest as resistance and 7 types of rest. 

4. Let’s talk about goals…

My 3 part plan for setting goals.

5. Feeling the pressure

It feels like there is a lot of pressure to do things right now. How can we deal with the looming sense of “I have to get everything done NOW” while still keeping our sanity? Let’s talk about being under pressure.

6. New Year, New Me?

Yes, I know I’m doing a New Year, New me episode. Yes, I know I recorded it in January and am releasing it in February… just go with it. 

In this episode, I talk about what a “new year” means for me and a few steps for planning for your new year!

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