Yes, this is a 2019 year-in-review post!

There’s about a week left in the year and it’s a great time to take a look back and celebrate all of the successes of the year. Normally, I would put something here about not trying to brag and being modest about what has happened in the last 358 days…..but screw that! This has been a really dope year and I’m proud AF of what happened. So break out the air horns and warm up your body rolls for a trip through 12 months and 126 shows…..let’s do this!

Shimmy standing on stage wearing a pink and purple body cage, pasties and gold high heels
I TOTALLY look like a superhero here.


  • Performed at the Burlesque Hall of Fame
  • Headlined a Festival (Ohio Burlesque Festival)
  • Participated in an International festival
  • Won an International title (Best overall at the Dublin Burlesque Festival)
  • Was included in my second book and my first as a performer
  • Started my own monthly show – Shimmy’s House Party
  • Started teaching my first movement class – The Art of Doing Nothing
  • Did a “TED” style talk on launching your art like a product
  • Starting hosting in addition to performing
Shimmy wearing a multi colored dress, smiling and holding a trophy
She’s a WINNER baby!


  • Traveled to 11 states this year: Alaska, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Wisconsin
  • Traveled overseas to Ireland!
  • Went on 2 mini tours (that I didn’t realize was a tour until I was halfway through it)
Advertisement for Shimmy's Build a Minimal Stage Ready Product (MSP) class
Yeah, you know me! Also, hire me to teach this class in your town!

Things that went well this year

  1. Took leaps of faith – Even when it didn’t make sense, I trusted my own inner voice and did what I felt was best. It worked out most of the time and even when it didn’t it was pretty great
  2. Opened myself up – This year, I let people in and it wasn’t as horrible as I was afraid it would be. In fact, it was beautiful being able to share space with so many amazing people
  3. Traveled overseas by myself. That’s all.
  4. Changed careers – I left a field that was comfortable but boring to me for one that was much less comfortable but rewarding.
Shimmy leaning backwards twirling tassels
One of these days, I’ll make a cute face while performing

Things to work on going forward

  1. Maintaining friendships – While I’m actually better than I have been in the past, I’m not great at it. It’s one of the things I’ve been bad about my entire life. I’m very much a loner and will sometimes default to ghosting. If I do this, it’s not personal and I ask that you call me in on it.
  2. Maintaining boundaries – Normally, I’m a pretty cool cucumber, but when I get a feeling it’s pretty deep. It’s caused me to let people in I probably shouldn’t have, lead me to get involved in business I should have stayed away from and becoming a crutch instead of a sounding board. Now, this isn’t to say I won’t stop being all in my feelings, but moving forward I want to work on feeling the feeling not attaching how I feel about people with the feeling.
  3. Working smarter, not harder – y’all, I’ve done ALL THE THINGS this year. It’s been great and I’m so damn thankful to everyone who has put me on a stage, taken a class from me or has signed up for 1-1 consultation (yes, all of those things are still available. Hire me! Book me!). But moving forward, I’d like to be more selective with the work I do. I’d like to do bigger shows, headline/feature at a few festivals (I’m AVAILABLE!) and travel more including overseas.
  4. Faster turnaround from concept to delivery – I once had a friend tell me “Your hustle sometimes makes you distracted” and it’s true. Moving forward, I’m looking to sloooow down and truly execute on all of the thoughts I have swirling around in my head. Watch out y’all – there’s some pretty amazing things in the ol’ noggin.
  5. Being more “me” – Less being “nice”, more being “kind”. Embracing all parts of myself (even the parts hard to love). Loving loudly and unabashedly. Reclaiming my time.

2019 was a really special year and I’m looking forward to what 2020 will bring. I’d be honored if you came along with me on the journey!

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